February 11, 2010

Snow and Chocolate

Murmurbird had a snow day in New York, so decided to check out the Chocolate & I, which is a week-long festival of chocolates and all sweet stuff on the earth.
They had an intriguing tasting palette featuring chocolates in different densities, from 70% cacao to 85% cacao chocolates, as well as roasted cacao bits(yummy), powdered chocolate, and raw cacao beans which taste like a child of coffee beans and almonds.

On Thursday, there is Food for Art. Art for Thought exhibition with several ITP students and alumni. ITP alum duo Che-Wei Wang and Taylor Levy have an interesting piece called Chocolate Timepiece, which drips melted chocolates into plates that represent days, hours, minutes and seconds.

See this? Mmmmm edible clock!

Marco, who is one of the organizers, has another edible piece - a broken, or rather melted, earth. A hungry murmurbird kindly asked Marco if she could get a bite of New York. It was rejected ;P

And there was, of course, hot chocolate!

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