February 8, 2010

The Map of “How I got to my thesis idea”

I spent most of my day thinking about my future project... so I thought it's worth mapping out my thought process.


  1. It's amazing how you can map your thought process!! it's something impossible for me :D
    I think of something and one thought lead to another and after a little while I wanna remember what I was thinking in the first place but I cant ;( my neurons need a good workout!!

  2. @Bouchra - thank you :)
    I was taking extensive amount of notes as I was doing research, so I basically followed my notes to draw this map. Otherwise I'm so bad at remembering things!

  3. Have no idea what the text in this site says, but loos like it is a place where nails and hi-tech meet:


  4. @ice chewer - WOW this is amazing...interesting to know how you got there...


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