February 19, 2010


Murmurbird has to confess and tell you why she hasn't been updating her blog...

Murmurbird is playing with DOGS.

Well, they are not real. Ms. Murmurbird is addicted to an iPhone app "TouchPets". After adopting her first female dog, ShuShu, several days ago... she's been obsessed with it. She's feeding the dog, cleaning, teaching fetch and tricks, and all other stuff that you normally do when you have dogs.

The most absurd thing Murmurbird did today, which indicates the level of her addiction, is that she BOUGHT ADDITIONAL DOG FOOD FOR $3.99!!! Geez, spending the actual money on virtual pets was the last thing she could think of....

Awww.... how lovely

Shushu is chewing a tasty toy! How cute!

Got a ribbon!

The first breakthrough was when Shushu learned to get on top of the agility ball.

Chewing a healthy bone.


  1. Hahaha, so that's where you've been =)

  2. It's o.k. I know someone that is constantly tending to her virtual sheep.

    We just need something to take care of and those virtual gamers capitalized on it.......

  3. @Lawrence - yep.

    @ice chewer - yea, I think I miss my dog so bad!


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