December 8, 2009

Popeye got nerdier in 2009

With an iconic character Popeye as a logo, Google is celebrating E.C. Segar's birthday today. I thought of what Popeye would look like in 2009. In 2009, Popeye is a lot nerdier, like me!


  1. Nice. But I don't think that 2009's Popeye would be able to lift his laptop with one hand.

    At most he would be able to lift his iphone: and only when its I-Spinach application is running.

  2. @ice chewer :) Yea, SO true! Hmmm i-spinach is a good one!

  3. :) Btw, just in case you have no idea who started following your blog. I'm Adi's guy.

  4. @ice chewer - Oh! I thought you are one of ITP students, because your blog that somewhat has an ITP flavor...probably coming from Adi :) I'm enjoying your blog. I hope to finally see you at the ITP show if you're planning to stop by!


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