December 26, 2009

Japanese Vending Machine

Yay, murmurbird is back in Japan! Among many things on her to-do list during her stay, she has a long wish list for Japanese food and sweets she's missed so bad... so here's a special vending machine tailored for her sophisticated taste. She will probably need 10 different vending machines like this.

Now available at Murmurbird's vending machine:
  1. Japanese green tea
  2. Onigiri with salmon
  3. Cream Soda
  4. Oden
  5. Shoyu-based Ramen
  6. Sushi, especially yellow tail and toro
  7. Tirol Chocolate
  8. Fresh fish from Tsukiji Fish Market
  9. Toasted mochi
  10. Takoyaki


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