December 6, 2009

ITP Tirol Choco

I was eating one of my favorite Japanese mini candies Tirol Choco and thought of making ITP versions. Mustafa, there is one special flavor for you! No, they are not on sales =)

For those who don't know what the actual Tirol Chocos look is a photo of product examples. There are seasonal flavors (i.e. Xmas Soda) as well as permanent flavors (i.e. Tirol, Milk). Browse through their collection for more examples!


  1. hahaha, thanks Juri. I was expecting you to do something about umbrellas(thats what I tried to say today:)). Hope you enjoy your chocolates.

  2. @mustafa hehe, I will do that some time!!! Either busy umbrella section or package shelf.

  3. is that "back it up" for me? :D -Rajan

  4. @rajan - no it's for ITPers in general :) But I guess it was too timely for you... ;P


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