January 23, 2010

Work in progress

One of things I always wanted to do but didn't execute is to draw an illustration for my grandfather's alphabet poem. My grandfather, who passed away a decade ago, was a chemist who researched about traditional colors in ethnic dresses. Not only he had good eyes for colors, but he also had a talent for writing poems. He loved literatures, especially poems by Goethe, and wrote quite interesting poems during his spare time. Sometime before he died he wrote an alphabet poem in English that truly represented his character, humor, and love for his family.

After holding on to his poems for years I finally took a pencil to start drawing his world. This is the first, but probably not the last illustration for the poem. This will be an experimental illustration. I didn't want to draw things too literal. I had an idea of making the poem into playing cards.

So here it is... the work is in progress, but I'm getting there. Design and composition of cards are inspired by Japanese playing cards called Hanafuda. I will be posting my progress every day from now on. I'm excited!


  1. This is very touching.
    And I Love the idea of cards.

    Also, it will be exciting to see the poems.

  2. Very cool - I can't wait to see your progress =).

  3. @ice chewer - thank you! Gambarima--su

    @Lawrence - I'm working on it ;)


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